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He taught me to explore God’s creation, to ride a bike, to grow a garden, to love to read and write, to count in French, to jump in the waves, to never give up, to handle money wisely, to do my best, to be humble and kind because we haven’t walked a mile in another’s shoes, and most importantly to trust God even when the storm is raging. Although his memory faded he never forgot that God was his Redeemer and he looked forward to that day when he would be absent from the body and present with the Lord. He was my Daddy and I am so proud of the life he lived and the legacy of love he leaves behind.

Jan Anderson

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  1. Nancy and I have served with MAF for over 40 years and enjoyed the Fellowship of Bud and Phyllis for the last few years. We shared dinners and just times together of how the Lord used us to serve Missionaries in the many countries we lived and served with the Airplane and Helicopter. They were always faithful Prayer Warriors for us and Mission Aviation Fellowship. God Blessed us with their Frienship and Love. WE will miss Bud but rejoice that he now is with his Lord in Heaven.

  2. It was a privilege to be able to celebrate the life of Bud Anderson with his family in Boca Raton. It was a time of remembering and reconnection. I remember him for his distinctive laugh, his deep voice as he read poetry in the cottage in PEI, and his love of his family and God. I’m grateful to have known him, and grateful to have gotten to know the family better in joining together to celebrate his life. Love to you all.

  3. We thank God that we had the opportunity to have Uncle Bud during our early married life. Uncle Bud and Aunt Phyl have been such a good role model to us of Christian Marriage. We will remember the conversations that we had through Skype. Thanks for your greeting, showing us your paintings in your homes, and praying with us. It is really comforting to know that you care for us even though we live thousands of miles away from you. Rest with the Lord, Uncle Bud. Till we meet again in heaven.

  4. Jan, please accept QBC condoleance for the death of you Father. QBC will send a gift to MAF on behalf of your Father.

  5. Dear Phyllis, Jan, Francine, Zoe and family members,
    Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. May the Lord bless and comfort you all during this time of grief. Please accept our sincere condolences. Much love from the folks at QBC.

  6. Dear Phyllis, Jan, Francine, Zoe and family members,
    Please accept our sincere condolences on the death/graduation of your dear husband, father and grandpa. His days here are completed and he has been moved up to his eternal reward!
    It was a privilege to have known him…and we look forward to seeing him again!

  7. My wife and I first met Bud and Phyllis when we all were in Russia
    giving out Bibles, having Bible studies, etc. precious times together. Our desire and we know was Bud’s desire that all people wherever they live would come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord who died for us so we can have eternal life and go into the presence of the Lord as Bud has at the end of our time on earth. We also spent time in P.E.I. slept at farmhouse. We are sure the Lord will say to Bud -“Well, done, you have been a faithful servant”. Will be missed.
    Love Ron and Verna Millson

  8. Dear Phyl, Our hearts go out to you sweet lady. You and Bud were both very special to us. It was always one of the signs of summer when you and Bud would arrive at the Bible chapel in Charlottetown. The news would spread “The Anderson’s are home” and we would line up to hug and welcome you. We have many happy memories of times with you both. You were such a loving couple and reached into sooo many lives. Bud is safely home and we will pray that you will feel God’s arms carrying you through this time of grieving. With much love and prayers.

  9. Dear Phyllis,
    My dear friend, my heart aches for you during this time of grief. We met at NYOH, by God’s plan, and
    we became friends. I loved our lunch dates at Fo’castle Farms. I so enjoyed receiving Bud’s annual Christmas letter! May your cherished memories bring you comfort and your strong faith sustain you.
    With love and sympathy,
    Dorothy Powhida

  10. Dear Phyllis & family. Judi and I are sorry for your loss. Bud and you (Phyllis) have made a great impression on us. We greatly enjoyed our visits with you in PEI… the place where ultimately we chose the name of our daughter, Kalina.
    It was because of your encouragement that we attended Bellevue Gospel Chapel and Bud was the only one who made me feel comfortable preaching out of the NIV! I always figured, if Bud can do it, then so may I… not that I would take anything away from those who prefer the KJV 🙂 Bud’s gentle and confident spirit always gave me great comfort and assurance – I will look forward to again seeing him on the other side of the veil.
    Please let me know if there is anything that we may do for you in the days ahead. In Christ, Brian

  11. One of Dad’s nicknames came from his granddaughter Hannah who called him Grampa with the Bibles, which referred to his large stack of Bibles, commentaries, etc… that was never far from his favorite spot on the couch. He studied to speak on Sundays. His favorite topic was the Old Testament. His love for the characters in the Old Testament was passed down from his own grandmother. A few of Dad’s last messages are available online from the Charlottetown Bible Chapel website ( I passed this link on to Mom and she said it made her want to pray for him from the pew. Truly Dad’s gift at speaking was a team effort aided by the prayers of a loving wife sitting in the congregation.

  12. Dear Phyllis
    Our prayers and thoughts are with you and the family on the Home Going of Bud. We enjoyed getting to know both of you on Prince Edward Island, your visits here were so special. We have wonderful memories of your visit to our home last year and the wonderful Raspberry Pie we shared together.

    Love Harry and Faith Alexander

  13. My sincere sympathy to each of you. It is hard to say good-bye, but praise God we have a hope that endures. Love each one of you and I will be praying.
    Love in Him

  14. Dear Phyl, we were saddened to hear of Bud’s passing , however the home call of a beloved saint is precious in the sight of our Lord and Saviour Ps 116:15. We throughly enjoyed our time together with the two of you in Russia, and also in Florida, and grateful for the loving bond we have in Christ, How we look forward to the great reunion that we will have in glory and knowing full well the wonderful time Bud is having with his Lord now, Love and prayers for you and your family. Paul and Mary Anderson

  15. Dear Phyllis and family,
    We were sad to hear that Bud has passed away but feel so blessed to have met him plus yourself.. He was such a lovely, caring and gentle man who loves his Lord and now stands in Glory. Bill and I have many good memories to have you as such lovely neighbours in PEI. He was such a peaceful man with a lovely smile and he is smiling now for sure. The many get together s with you both and Gerda and oh those delicious pies. May God surround you and give you strength for the days ahead with family and surrounded by your Christian friends.
    It is comforting to know that one day we will meet again. God bless you all.

  16. Dear Phyllis and all Bud’s family,
    My family in PEI has passed on to me the news of your loss. On visits to the Island I occasionally had the chance to exchange a few words with Mr. Anderson, and talk a little more with Phyllis. I was always struck by the godly attitude and kind words of this man of God. It is difficult for us to imagine what GLORY he sees now but we know that it goes beyond ALL we can imagine, and causes us to appreciate as he did the wonderful plan of salvation. May the Lord’s arms be about you as you seek to continue without him. Sincerely, Marj

  17. Dear friend. We are sorry for your loss but know that Bud is home with our Lord. We will never forget all the happy times we have had together whether it was at home or at the chapel. You all have had a very special place in our heart. Myrna.

  18. Thank you Chris for helping us create this site. I’m looking forward to being with you next week. You were dearly loved by your Uncle Bud and are so precious to your Aunt Phyl, John, Jeff and especially me!

  19. My dear (and only) Uncle. I have many happy memories with you. Visiting your cottage in P.E.I. with trips out to the dunes in your boat. Visiting your home in Berne and seeing the animals. Christmas at Lake Placid. Your love of poetry. The video of you making maple syrup the old fashioned way. You even came up with your own special nickname for me (Pigeon.) I miss you dearly! Love Chris.

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